Port: Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands
Duration: 4 Hours

Nuku Hiva’s spectacular beauty is yours to discover during this off-road adventure in the Taipivai Valley.

Depart the pier for the ride to the Taipivai Valley, one of the richest archaeological sites in the Marquesas Islands.The Taipivai Valley is a location made famous by the American writer and former sailor, Herman Melville (1819-1891), who deserted his ship and hid in this valley. Captured by indigenous natives, he lived in the Taipivai Valley for three weeks, a period during which he observed their way of life. This experience was the inspiration for his first novel, Typee.

En route to the Taipivai Valley, you will ride through the island’s interior along a steep trail lined with lush flora and vegetation, then traverse exquisite mountain terrain. Along the way, you’ll enjoy many opportunities to take magnificent photographs, as you stop several times to take in spectacular vistas of the coastline, bays, and valleys. At one particular stop, you will see your ship anchored in the Bay of Taihoae. Next, you will drive through Taipivai’s small agricultural villages, then proceed to a long stretch of beach at the end of the village. Here, you will stop again to admire splendid vistas of the valley and surrounding mountains.

Following your visit, you will reboard your off-road vehicle for the return ride to the pier.

Please note: As this tour involves travel over rough, uneven terrain, it is not recommended for guests with back and/or neck problems. The tour involves very little walking. Guests are encouraged to wear insect repellant or coconut oil for the skin (monoi) to ward off small beach mosquitoes (nonos). Pricing listed is per person. Space is imited to a maximum of 4 guests per vehicle. It is recommended that families and friends wishing to ride together contact the Travel Concierge Desk aboard ship in order to be assigned the same vehicle. Although the drivers used are the best available, they are not guides, and their command of English is poor. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Excursion Code: NHT-2050