Port: Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Duration: 3.5 Hours

Nature and bird lovers especially will relish this unique opportunity to explore Rarotonga’s exotic bird and plant species during a memorable island conservation tour.

Depart the pier for the transfer to the Conservation Center. Upon arrival, you will begin your guided walking tour. Along the way, you will learn about conservation efforts involving the flycatcher, or kakerori, an indigenous bird found only on Rarotonga. Over the years, the bird’s numbers have dwindled as a result of an increase in natural predators. Your visit, along with the visits of many hundreds of others, will provide the landowners with the funds needed to conduct research into various means of preserving and promoting this rare species of bird.

The conservation area is also a tropical rain forest featuring many types of medicinal plants, and you will hear about the many local uses for such herbal remedies.

Following your walking tour, you will be returned to the ship.

Please note: This tour involves 2 hours of walking over uneven terrain and is recommended for guests in good physical condition. Transfer to and from the conservation site will be in air-cooled buses. The tour will start from the gate, and there will be places to rest along the way. There are no restroom stops on this tour. All proceeds from this tour will go toward the Conservation Center.

Excursion Code: RTG-4897