Port: Rangiroa, Tuamotus
Duration: 4 Hours

Experienced certified divers only. This program is offered through an outside operator and requires a minimum of 50 logged dives and 10 dives within the last 12 months.

Rangiroa offers some of the best dives in the world in and around the Tiputa Pass. Experienced divers won’t want to miss this opportunity to explore this prime diving site.

During austral summer (December-March), great hammerhead sharks and manta rays populate this area, and sedentary common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) regularly play in group in the pass or on the outer reef. Because of its large size and the existence of only two passes, each high tide creates a strong incoming current, while each low tide creates a strong outgoing current in those two passes. When the current is flowing inward through Tiputa Pass, about 100 shark specimens gather at its entrance, at 150 feet (50meters) deep. Led by the strong current, sharks can remain motionless, allowing divers to observe them without any difficulty. The dive sites will be decided depending of the tide. Maximum depth on some dives in Rangiroa can be 100 feet (30meters).

Available for onboard booking only, cannot pre-reserve, please visit the Dive Desk once onboard, capacity is limited. For more information about our dive program, visit www.pgcruises.com/scuba.

Excursion Code: RGI-1991