Port: Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands
Duration: 5 Hours

This dive is operated by an outside operator. Please meet at the lobby with one of the marina staff that will escort you on the tender to shore where you will meet the local dive staff. After a very short walk to the pier, you will board the dive boat (a large aluminum covered diving boat) and will be asked to check your SCUBA gear.

After a brief welcoming ceremony, you will proceed to the first dive located along the Hanake Rock just behind The Gauguin`s anchoring position. On this first drift dive, the maximum depth will be around 100 feet and you will follow the drop off. The water is very rich in plankton can affect the visibility. You will most likely have the chance to see manta rays, endemic stingrays, octopus and big pelagic fishes.

During the surface interval, you will move to the second dive site. Fruits, biscuits, tea and lemonade will be available between dives. The second location will take you all the way down to 80 feet. Follow the shoreline to reach a pinnacle where you can spot schools of little fish, endemic dragon moray eel, pelagic fishes and rays. After the second dive, you will be sailing back to the pier and take the tender back to the ship.

Please visit the Dive Desk on Deck 4 for more information. Not available for pre-reserve.

Excursion Code: HOA-2595-O