Port: Huahine, Society Islands
Duration: 4 Hours

Your spectacular excursion starts with a friendly introduction from your expert anthropologist/archaeologist guide, who has first hand experience working on the sites you will visit. Boarding “Le Truck”, French Polynesia’s famous local style bus, you will depart from Maroe Village on the small island of Huahine Iti, crossing the bridge to Huahine Nui, or ‘big island’. Here you will drive past lush green valleys and turquoise lagoon through the capital town of Fare, where Captain James Cook sojourned on his visits to the island.

Your first stop is Maeva village, considered to be one of French Polynesia’s most important archaeological areas and home to the largest pre-historic habitation site in Polynesia. During your walk through the village, you will explore the archaeological sites along the lake shore and the Fare Pote’e Museum. You will learn about Polynesian origins and migrations, traditional society, religion, botany, European explorers and get a first hand look at various traditional tools, handicrafts and artifacts.

You will continue on to Mata’ire’a hill, just above the Village of Maeva and home to more than 200 stone structures, including marae, agricultural terraces, house foundations, fortification walls and burial platforms.

Your next stop, via “Le Truck”, is a local family run vanilla plantation where you will have the opportunity to purchase various vanilla products. Continuing on, you will stop to see and learn about the 500 year old fish traps that thanks to restoration work are used again today by the people of Maeva Village.

Your return journey to port, will take you through the village of Faie where your guide will feed the island’s giant blue-eyed eels that swim in the stream, before enjoying a photo-stop at the Belvedere Lookout, for panoramic views of Huahine Iti and beautiful Maroe Bay.

Please note: This tour involves some slight uphill walking. Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. The order of sites visited may vary. Please bring some cash along with you, as you may have the opportunity to purchase some authentic Tahitian vanilla during this tour.

Excursion Code: HHN-7500