Port: Omoa, Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands
Duration: 3 Hours

Set in a luscious native forest within a picturesque valley is an ancient ceremonial site where Marquesans prayed to their gods to provide abundant water for their crops. Trekking up to the site you will pass an old chief’s paepae upon which is a small tiki carved in the famous ke’etu stone of the islands. Ascending inland you will see a number of sites whose functions will be explained to you by your on-board lecturer in anthropology and archaeology, Mark Eddowes. Finally you will arrive on the crest of a ridge featuring important petroglyphs, or rock art. The images depict anthropomorphic images of men, concentric circle eyes of magical tikis and even an ancient sailing canoe. However, the most impressive petroglyph and one of the largest in the Marquesas is that of the famous paoa, which looks like a huge tuna fish, carved into the rock. See also the grinding, polishing and sharpening stones used in ancestral working of adzes and other tools. Enjoy the magnificent scenery surrounding the site as sharp mountain peaks pierce the sky. This excursion provides a wonderful chance to visit the interior of Fatu Hiva’s beautiful Omoa Valley.

Please note: The hike is medium to difficult and involves uphill walking in hot and humid conditions. Participants should be physically fit, carry a bottle of water and wear a hat. Sturdy footwear appropriate to trekking is recommended.

Excursion Code: FHT-2045