Port: Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji
Duration: 4 Hours

Molituva is an old village fort that was the dwelling place of one of Fiji’s most fiercest and feared warriors. Touring the ruins of this great fort one could envisage the lives of these greater fighters. The dug out moats still visible and to walk the maze of tracks build by the warriors is indeed an experience that is not easily forgotten.

The Molituva tour takes you back in time and you can feel the eerie feeling as if you were there in those primitive days when witnessing the strewn old pottery, stone axes and traded steel axes dated back to the 13th Century. On arrival, you will be met and greeted with a serenade, then you will be informed on the village protocol that needs to be observed. Fully dressed warriors and traditionally dressed women escort you to the Village hall, where you can observe the different activities performed such as husking and scraping coconuts, weaving baskets and mats…Observe a traditional sevusevu ceremony as well as the traditional meke and re-enactment of tribal wars by warriors as they invade the village arena. Farewell songs will escort you back to your coaches.

On your way back to the pier, enjoy a panoramic drive through town, passing by the President’s Residence, Mormon Temple and various official residences of foreign consulates.This excursion only operates on 19 September 2019.

Wear cool clothing, such as shorts/skirt and a polo or T-shirt. Bring your camera and some change for souvenirs.

Excursion Code: SUV-16