Port: Bora Bora, Society Islands
Duration: 3 Hours

Lagoon tour of Bora Bora in a traditional outrigger canoe (motorized), with ukulele animation and narration on culture, history and nature of Bora Bora. Leaves and flowers decorate the canoe and protect the visitors from the sun. In case of rain, raincoats are also at one’s disposal. To enhance comfort, cushions cover the wooden seats. The guides have a long and rich experience as boat captains, guides and musicians. The lagoon tour includes three stops. The first one is for snorkeling in a coral garden, where visitors can discover many different colorful fish, corals, and many other inhabitants of a wonderful natural ecosystem. The guide accompanies the visitors in the water. The second stop is the visit of the stingrays in shallow water. These rays are tamed since more than 20 years. The approach is gentle and respectful, keeping in mind preservation of nature. The last stop is on the ocean side, for the observation of black tip reef sharks.

Please note: For great memories, the underwater camera is recommended. Please wear a swimsuit under a cover-up with reef shoes, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and bring a towel and your snorkel equipment from the ship.

Excursion Code: BRB-1603