Port: Aitutaki, Cook Islands
Duration: 2.5 Hours

Your around-the-island drive will take you past several of the island’s villages. You’ll visit a marae (sacred Polynesian temple grounds) site. Pass through plantations of various crops grown here on Aitutaki. Learn about the island’s myths and legends while taking in its beautiful scenery. Aitutaki has a unique geographical makeup – the island is a volcanic atoll with the typical volcanic peaks in the center of the island with the encircling coral reef ringed by the off shore islands (motus) and the lagoon in the center.

The Circle Island Tour is a great way to see the island and meet the locals. Visit the inland villages of Tautu Vaipae and Vaipeka, drive along the coast and see the remnants of the Copra Production Facility, and see how the people of this tiny idyllic island live. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet the locals and take photographs along the way.

Excursion Code: AIT-2477